Hedgar Ajakaiye

If you want to win, change the game

Eric Elliot

About Me

Hi, I’m Hedgar. I have been a Certified Documentary Specialist since 2009. I started my Trade Finance Banking career with Zenith Bank Group Plc, Lagos, Nigeria ,wherein I process and advise clients on letters of credit and collections.

My interest in coding started in April 2015,when I read a Bloomberg article:"What is code", by Paul Ford.My curiosity to understand and dymystify coding led me to different online resources like: Codeacademy, Codeschool, Nodeschool,Frontendmasters and Course Report. First I took the three months Developer Blueprint course ofSkillscrush. Not satiated,I enrolled in the three months part-time Frontend Developer course with Thinkful . I have continued learning and researching ever since. And now I look forward to any opportunities that would nurture this curiosity.

Things I like